Monday, September 26, 2005

Searching the World for Art

I'm glad to hear there have been visitors to North Star Studio in my absence. Providence is minding the shop and keeping me up to date on the comings and goings. With all the footsteps taken through the studios, I'm sure some wishing dust has been picked up by shoes and hair and clothing. Wishes should be coming true. I hope my visitors return and tell me of their granted wish.

Where am I? I'm traveling around the world, by donkey, of course, to search for the most exotic, moving, soulful pieces of art on the planet. You will be the first to see them when I return.

So that you don't get bored during the wait, I must show you a photo a took along the way. Did you know that donkey's can travel faster than the speed of light? This is my photo of a beautiful sunrise. My donkey was simply moving so fast, I could only capture the colors and essence of the sun. I hope you find it as breath taking as I felt taking it!

Wanderers, travelers, continue to find your way to the North Star. Providence will make you feel at home. I'll be returning soon with wonderful wares to display.


At 4:31 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

We will look forward to your arrival AshleyShea. I am sure you will find wonderful things to display.


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